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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Ellies & Ivy

We want to provide women with clothes and accessories that leave them feeling celebrated, unique and cherised. 

From women to women - we hope you enjoy.

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We believe that even the most simple accessory can complete an outfit - if the quality, details and fit of the item is just perfect. With our women caps, it is possible to add a fun and colorful supplement to your wardrobe. 

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All Ellies & Ivy dresses are made from the finest vintage sarees from India. Each sari is handpicked by the Ellies & Ivy team to ensure the quality, design and fit of each dress.

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Ellies & Ivy Materials

22 Jun, 2018

Ellies & Ivy Materials

Ellies & Ivy only use natural fibres when making our products, due to all the great benefits when you are wearing them.

Read about all the great advantages about the Ellies & Ivy materials.

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Ellies & Ivy - care for your products

07 Apr, 2016

Ellies & Ivy - care for your products

We strive for longevity with all of our products so you can have your Ellies & Ivy products in your wardrobe for as long as possible. 

Here are some care tips for how to take care of your Ellies & Ivy favorites.

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We are Ellies & Ivy

A brand filled with color, built from a long lasting love for bohemian luxury. 

We believe that great style is seasonless and all Ellies & Ivy items are therefore built on the notion of longevity. We have created a line of accessories and clothes that are made to last and can be worn during all seasons. 

For Ellies & Ivy perfection is to be found in the pattern play, the fit and the attention to detail. We believe that all women should be wearing clothes that make them feel showered in quality and uniqueness. 

From woment to women - we hope you enjoy!