It's no secret, that the Ellies & Ivy team has a favourite color - pink. Pink in all nuances and hues you can possibly imagine. The Indian silk sarees used for all Ellies & Ivy items are carefully handpicked with western aesthetic and modern design in mind. However it is often the pink sarees that are favored and chosen first, when a selection of the delicate material is collected and presented by the vintage saree distributors.

Aviaia Totebag // Lynn Make Up Bag // Marika Silk Dress // Willow Computer Cover // Nola Make Up Bag


Pink For Everyone

Both Ninna and Pernille believe that this particular color is the epitome of Ellies & Ivy products, since it's popular all year around. Pink can be worn during all seasons for almost any type of occasion or event. Pink can be happy, understated, too much or simplicity in itself. Pink is therefore always a well-represented color in the Ellies & Ivy selection. But make no mistake, pink should not automatically be linked to anything overly girly or young. Pink is a color for all women. The different hues, patterns and prints make it possible for you to choose the type of pink item you want to own that can represent who you are as a person. That is the beauty of Ellies & Ivy products. The unique one-of-kind concept of using different sarees for the designs, makes it up to the customer to choose the products that match their personality and style. Pink is cool, fun, romantic and so much more. Maybe it's time to find your perfect pink Ellies & Ivy item to represent the pink part of your personality?

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