There is brown and then there is brown. Brown is often a very overlooked color. For some it is considered dull, old and in no way a fashionable nuance to wear on a regular basis. But consider your favourite types of brown - wet sandy beaches, dark brown coffee, chocolate or maybe fall leaves. Now imagine brown made out of delicate silk and with inspirational patterns. That is how Ellies & Ivy see brown. 

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Golden Brown

Brown is never a boring color when it is made out of silk. Silk is a fantastic material, that never make colors seem dull or flat. The textile has a shiny surface and particularly brown is transformed into a golden and warm nuance. The brown Indian silk sarees often come in the most fantastic patterns that never would look just as beautiful in other color combinations. Brown simply has the ability to look understated while standing out on its own at the same time. And that is why brown never should be overlooked. Brown is able to compliment your other items and accessories without much effort. The silk items in golden brown can be the understated part of an outfit or the focal point that make you stand out in a crowd. It is up to you how you will use brown, but never doubt that the Ellies & Ivy selection of brown is boring and should be overlooked. 

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