Line Schjelde works as a PR Manager at Momondo and runs the blog Meri Meri. We asked if she wanted to try out one of our new quilted dresses and that made Line think about her own fashion bravery. Read Line's thoughts on fashion and how much more joy it gives her to be courageous enough to make fashion statements all day every day.


"A couple of weeks ago a mail ticked into my inbox about a possible collaboration with Ellies and Ivy. A brand I have sent long loving looks after since I first came to know them about a year ago, but I still haven't gotten around to actually own anything from their assortment. I have actually never seen myself as an Ellies and Ivy kinda girl even though I really want to be that girl. The beautiful printed silk items Ellies and Ivy makes somehow feels too bold for my otherwise conservative wardrobe. I know - sometimes a simple print sneaks it way into my closet, but that's about it and I never wear a full-on outfit in print. That's what women such as Trine or Cathrine are naturals at and I always envy them. Because a full-on print outfit is an eye catcher. 

Well, back to the mail. In the mail Ellies and Ivy said they wanted to see me in their new quilted dress, if I wanted to. And even though mails like these often appear in my inbox, I was very happy that it was from a brand that I admire. However I was very hesitant to just say yes right away because - could I wear this dress? Was the dress a bit to bold for me? Would Ellies and Ivy think the dress would be worn better by someone else, someone more colorful? Silly, insecure thoughts were running through my mind. But then I thought about an advice that Cathrine once gave me; "Buy things that makes you happy - life is too short for anything else." And then I said yes to the dress and here it is! "Styled with a simple wool shirt, jeans and sneakers. And you know what? I feel completely and totally beautiful in it. It is so out of my comfort zone, but in a good way. In that way when you grow a little in height when you actually take the leap and is brave enough to do it. The dresses heightens my mood because it is so pretty and it adds sparkle to on a ordinary day that would have been quite boring to be honest. And those dresses are important to have in your wardrobe! 

Ellies and Ivy dresses are unique and there is only one of each in that particular print. My dress called Candy (of course I had to choose the dress with such a lovely name) can no longer be bought, but all the prints are so beautiful and there are so many different ones to choose from."

Pictures and text by Line Schjelde.  Want to see more to Line and her life? Go read her blog here or follow her on Instagram

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