Julie Wittrup Pladsbjerg lives in Aalborg with her family in a big old apartment. She is the co-founder of Another Studio and is always on the go making new creative projects. Learn how Julie uses her Ellies and Ivy Make Up Bag as anything but a make up bag and how she stores her most important essentials in the fine silk.

Not a Make Up Bag

My 'bag' is not filled with make up or lotion... because I rarely use make up or lotion at all! On the contrary I always wear earrings and I always have a small bag with different earrings in my purse if I for some reason need to spike up my outfit while I'm on the go.
I am a very messy person and I almost always end up with a totebag over my shoulder were everything is in a big mess and I end up not being able to find what I need, when I need it. Now I use my make up bag as a kind of sleeve for all the most important things - wallet, keys, concealer, headset and of 
course always a pinky! The Make Up Bag has created a kind og calm and balance in my everyday essentials.

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