Mia Stuhaug has a busy everyday life with three children and a lot of loose ends that always has to fit together at some point. She therefore loves to own small treasures that only belong to her and are capable of adding a bit of luxury at the busiest times. Learn how Mia’s Ellies & Ivy Make Up Bag is used as self-indulgence in her everyday life.

My Make Up Bag

"My make up bag, well… it is just MINE. With a everyday life with three small children, work and constant clean ups, there’s not much time for myself. I have to think practical and logistical most of the time to make all ends meet. Therefore, it is pure luxury to have something pretty that only belongs to me.

My make up bag is made of sustainable, dark green vintage silk decorated with delicate flowers. During the cold winter days, it makes me think of spring and holidays with bare feet in the sand. But most of all, the make up bags symbolizes who I am as a woman – besides being a mom."

The self-indulgence

"My make up bag filled with beauty essentials that makes me feel fresher and that can give me a bit of glow. If I emptied it right now you would find a peach colored rouge, lip balm with cherry flavor, nail polish and a black mascara. And of course, the indispensable eye concealer most moms know of. It also contains pretty hairclips and colored silk elastics, that I easily can use to spike up an outfit.

I actually bring my make up bag with me at all times, so I can take it out at a calm moment and spend a few moments on myself – preferably in the company of a hot cafe latte. And well, the pinkies, diapers and band-aids have to lay at the bottom of my purse, because my make up bag is simply just for me."

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