Ninna Rahbek Schou, the co-founder of Ellies and Ivy believes the make up bags are the ideal accessory that can be used for every outfit, every occasion or simply just as a part of one's home interior. Read Ninnas thoughts on the design of the make up bag and how she uses all of her make up bags.

The Perfect Design

Ninna is one of the founders of Ellies and Ivy. She is originally educated as a fashion designer and she uses those skills to create every style. Ninna and the other founder of Ellies and Ivy, Pernille Hvam Pedersen design all styles together and it is their extremely close friendship, similar taste and their want to provoke the norms of scandinavian fashion that make the design duo.

Ninna: “We both (red. Pernille and I) wanted a make up bag that could become a part of our everyday outfits - a make up bag that you would want to display and use for other things than make up. It needed a simple design but it should also include some raw features. That ended up being the chunky zipper as well as the shape of the bag in combination with the feminine details of the print and colors. The quality and finish of the make up bag - as well as all of our products, is our highest priority and therefore we pay high attention to all details as well as all products are handmade by the most talented tailors in India.”

Ninna’s Make Up Bags

“I use my make up bags for make up, but I also have one on my nightstand for nightly necessities, one I use as a pencil case and a couple I use as clutches for parties and other special occasions. I love to express my personality through the make up bags as they can be such an eye catcher with their bold print and distinctive colors. I truly believe that our make up bags ended up being the ideal accessory for both everyday outfits and festivities.”