Sabrina Lie lives in Herning with her boyfriend and their five-month-old daughter. Sabrina is a creative soul, that even as a new mom never forgets to add a touch of confetti to her everyday life. Learn how her Ellies & Ivy Make Up Bag adds a bit of magic to her busy daily life.

Everyday Luxury with a baby

”I love things that shines, sparks and that are able to fill my everyday life with colorful confetti. Sometimes you just really need that – maybe especially as a new mom that by now has to be satisfied with leaving her house in her pajamas, semi-greasy hair and a bit of headwind on the bike on the way home – and that is a good day!

I still can’t help myself and I always fill my wardrobe with flower prints, pink velvet and this make up bag filled with sparkling hair clips and silk hairbands in the chase of getting closer to the everyday life I once had before I had my daughter.

Until then I love the idea of hiding treasures in my make up bag that I easily can pull out when I desperately need a bit of everyday confetti in my life. Just a tiny glimpse or maybe just the idea of them being there for me, so delicately wrapped in vintage silk, helps me ’upgrade’ my less than glamourous and exciting - but happier ’I have just become a mom’ – life.”

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