Meet Jana Hoeg. Jana lives in Germany with her husband and their two daughters. For Jana the Ellies & Ivy Make Up Bag is a daily accessory she continuously brings with her.

The Make Up Bag

“I have always had a small extra bag in my purse when I am on the go. In the make up bag I have found a bag in the perfect size and quality that at the same time is beautiful. Inside the make up bag I keep small necessities that I as a woman always bring with me. In my bag you will find lip balm, face mist, a bit of make up and always hand lotion. There’s also room for jewelry, some pretty hairclips and scrunhcies. It is such a pleasure whenever I pull out my make up bag when I’m out for coffee or something and I just need some hand lotion or lip balm. It just makes everything a bit more beautiful."

The Perfect Combination of Practicality and Aesthetic.

"I like quality craftmanship and the concept of using vintage silk. I especially love the bag’s quilted and feminine design. There are so many beautiful patterns and colors to choose between. By now I own two make up bags and besides storing by daily necessities in one of them I fill up the other one with beauty products, make up, jewelry and other essentials I use when I am travelling or are at overnight stays. To me the Ellies & Ivy make up bag is the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetic and I truly am happy to own not one but two of them."

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