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Our New Tote Bag

Our New Tote Bag



Ninna and Pernille always listen to the feedback they receive from their customers. The two women design for people who has a love for beautiful materials and prints as big as themselves. It is important for both of them that Ellies & Ivy create items that the customers will fall in love with. 

For quite some time the biggest wish from Ellies & Ivy fans has been a smaller tote bag - and it's finally here! 

The bag is strongly inspired by the orignial Ellies & Ivy signature bag. However it is designed with several new features to improve the practicality, quality and general design. Both Ninna and Pernille believe that this bag will be the ideal item for women to store their everyday necessities. It is never a bad idea to wrap your most necessary items in an innovative design made from vintage silk.


The small tote bag can still store an Ellies & Ivy computer cover plus your daily essentials. If it's not necessary for you to carry around a lot of things every day, this bag is perfect for you. Although the bag is smaller than the other tote bag, it can still be worn on the shoulder or in your hand.

As a new feature, Ninna and Pernille have installed a zipper pocket inside the bag - an ideal place for your keys or phone so you won't lose it.  


Both Ninna and Pernille are never afraid to use beautiful patterns and colors during the autumn months and you shouldn't either!

Have you fallen in love with a colorful print, but are afraid to wear it during the darker months? Don't be. The colors and prints reflect who you are and no one should be timid about adding a colorful bag to an outfit. It is always a safe solution to use the bag together with a more simple outfit. If you for instance own a black or grey jacket, then use the bag in combination with those ones. Then the bag will be the focuspoint and not stand out too much.

However if you're not afraid to wear colors and fun prints, then choose a bag that compliment the colorful items of your wardrobe. It's always nice to see colors during autumn and winter.


See the entire collection of small tote bags right here. We hope you will find your future dream bag!