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Portrait: Trine Staberg Petersen

Portrait: Trine Staberg Petersen



In January Trine Staberg Petersen, 39, took the big leap and became a fulltime blogger and Instagrammer. She is originally a nurse, but she saw an opportunity and started her own blog, Trines Blend where she can share her passion for photography, colors and simply her everyday life with her followers. She lives in Copenhagen with her husband and three children in the colorful part of Nørrebro.

What is your relationship with Ellies & Ivy?

I have followed Ellies & Ivy since the beginning via Instagram. I actually followed Ninna even before Ellies & Ivy existed. I followed the two womens leap into the independent worklife and I quickly realized that the unique pair was on to something good.

I love their signature and that they constantly work with innovations in their designs. It is a combination of classic and new. And then of course I think it is amazing that the fabric always comes from Indian silk saris. The brand fits well with me since I also love colors and a tad of the too-much-factor.

What does fashion and textiles mean to you?

I have grown up with fashion. But it didn’t interest me, before I became a teenager. I’m from a small town with two shops that sell nice clothes and in one of them my mom worked. She has therefore always been one of the first ones to wear the current trends. I suddenly opened my eyes up for fashion and I love it. I like making fashion my own and I often mix my clothes in tons of different ways. It is actually rare that I wear the same combination of clothes twice.

I like high-end quality clothes but also high-street. I often find something fun and colorful from high-street shops that I wear for maybe one season. For me Ellies & Ivy fit into both categories. Their dresses go with t-shirts a blazer or even a sweater!

Describe your style

My style is colorful, happy and often with patterns. This why Ellies & Ivy fits perfectly into my wardrobe.


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You can follow Trine on her blog, Trines Blend and Instagram