Mille Emilie

Millie Emilie Vilmar is 32 years old and lives in Copenhagen with her husbrand Lasse and their 2,5 year old daughter Frida. However when spring comes around they will be moving to Dragør where Lasse is born and raised. Millie Emilie works as an interiør stylist, blogger on Sonoma Seven and Instagrammer on her profile @mille_emilie.

What is your relationship with Ellies & Ivy?

I have followed Ellies & Ivy since the beginning. I love the patterns on the saris and the way Pernille and Ninna has managed to create good basic items for the wardrobe and the home. It's always possible to find an item in their assortment that can raise the standard of a wardrobe and I love that.

What does fashion and textiles mean to you?

I was educated in working in a store and since I was 14 I have been very interested in fashion, like almost all young girls are. As I have gotten older, I have become more conscious about the choices I make concerning my wardrobe. I'd rather have a few good items than a lot of poor quality things.

Describe your style

My style is pretty simple - a few basic items without patterns, but then I love to add something colorful and vild to the simple items. I love a dress with patterns over a classic Nørgaard shirt, a jacket with patterns to go with a simple outfit consisting of black jeans and a white shirt or adding a fine colorful scarf to mix it all up. During the summer I'm more colorful and wild with my silk dresses and delicate details. That is exactly what Ellies & Ivy can do to your wardrobe - add some color and fun to the more simple. 

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You can follow Mille Emilie on her blog, Sonoma Seven  and Instagram.