ELLIES AND IVY the story

We are Pernille and Ninna, and when we met through work years ago, there was almost a magical chemistry between us immediately. After a few years we no longer shared a workplace, but we met and suddenly Ellies and Ivy was founded. The company was founded in 2016 with a dream to create a more sustainable way of doing business. 


"Being sustainable is more than the products we make.
For us, it's about living a sustainable life"


When we founded Ellies and Ivy, we had no idea how big a role our friendship, family and loyalty to each other would have for the development of our company. Our friendship for each other has driven us, and only brought us even closer together in both good and difficult times. We have become each other's family, and every day that is the driving force behind Ellies and Ivy. 

Since we started Ellies and Ivy, we have been on a journey in life both as entrepreneurs and as self-employed people. 

Being sustainable is more than the products we make. For us, it's about living a sustainable life, where we make an active choice every day by asking ourselves and each other - "which life do I want to live?". We are driven by a desire to maintain our creativity in many areas of our lives, as well as a deep joy in having the freedom to prioritize our families. 

Ellies and Ivy Universe

Ellies and Ivy is a feminine and colorful universe that is always based on our own style. We start every new style with a burning desire to add the product to our own wardrobe or in our own home. Our production takes place in India and we are forever inspired by the beautiful traditional crafts and the beautiful use of colors in the country. We have a close relationship with our suppliers and every day we do our best to make the most sustainable choices together with them. 


From autumn 2022, Ellies and Ivy is a brand sold exclusively online. We want to have close contact with the end customer, because one of the driving forces for us is to pack beautiful goods for our customers every day. We love the feedback we get, both on email and Instagram, because we want to create a community with our customers, so that they can also feel the special "Ellies and Ivy"-feeling that exists between us every day. 

We both live in the middle of nature, and we want to share the feeling of calm and well-being that surrounds us in our photos. 

The special Ellies and Ivy style is full of colors, beautiful feminine details and always a surprise. We love exploring our universe, exploring the possibilities of developing new products that make our hearts beat a little faster. 

  • Our dresses are often oversize and can fit most types, 
  • Our bags are for everyone and can be used in a busy everyday life. 
  • Our Christmas decorations, cushions and tablecloths can give your home that extra little boost of color that makes it all a little more personal.