Hand block printing is an ancient Indian textile artwork 
Each pattern is printed by hand, which makes every piece of textile

completely unique. We only print on organic cotton as it is the natural and
sustainable choice for Ellies and Ivy.


We truly admire the way Indians throughout enormous urbanizations and
industrialization still continue to exert their traditional methods of textile
In Jaipur, Rajasthan the village may seem modernized, but throughout the entire
city you’ll find chippas - the printers who each day stamp lengths of organic
cotton fabrics with hand-carved wood blocks. Although hand block printing
began in China more than 4,500 years ago, it was the Indians natural expertise in
natural plant dye, that made it possible for them to make incredibly beautiful and
complex designs.

Hand block printing is a skill
taught from generation to generation.
In the workshops you will see fathers
and sons work side by side, carving
the wooden blocks
with complex designs.

In India it is a traditional custom that craftsmanship skills are passed on through
generations. The same goes for hand block printing. Often it is entire families who
work side by side carving and printing the endless meters of cotton.

It is a form of art that is done by eye and on each piece of textile there will be
telltale signs of the human hand. The imperfections and signs of human touch left
by the printers are what makes these textiles beautiful.

It is admirable that a craft that could be
mimicked by machines still has a
place in our world.
We believe that this craft still lives
because hand block printing is based
on families, culture and tradition.

At ELLIES AND IVY we have made a conscious choice to explore the
craftsmanship that India already possesses. Hand block printing is just one of
many artforms that India has to offer and we are always curious to find new ways
to create Ellies and Ivy styles.

By using handmade craftsmanship in our production the value chain is based on
people - and people is the most important aspect of our business.

We want to celebrate our Indian partners’ skills. That is sustainability to us.