At Ellies and Ivy we try our best in our daily routines to make conscious decisions. We want our imprint on the environment to be as small as possible and we believe that even the smallest efforts can make a big difference if we all do it together. 

By being a fashion brand we have a moral obligation to think consciously while creating. That being said we know we can never be a business that is directly good for the environment. But we believe that by thinking differently and constantly optimizing our ways of working on the behalf of a better climate will be what we can do for a sustainable future. 

At Ellies and Ivy we have three core values that are our focus areas for creating a more sustainable everyday work life at us.


We celebrate the facilitation of creating relations across borders with modern technology, but still treasure the simple form of close collaboration that only face to face meetings can establish.
When we established Ellies and Ivy it was us (red. Ninna and Pernille) in all aspects that our customers saw. We visited all retailers and suppliers to show our commitment and make close relations. Although it is no longer us who make appearances in stores, we believe that by having established the fundamentals for a strong collaboration, we have created a team with the best intentions for success. 
We try our hardest to leave a small imprint on the environment with our travels. Therefore we are keeping our visits to India to a minimum and when meeting with agents and distributors here in Scandinavia we most often schedule to meet everyone at once, so it only takes one trip to meet with all collaborators.


Ellies and Ivy want to celebrate the historic use of handmade skills that people around the world still possess. These abilities are often overlooked in a world full of a fast-moving pace, transitioning and waste. The celebration of handmade goods in our modern world will not only demonstrate a step towards a different global world, but also place focus on the individual person who with their own two hands made the garments you choose to own. 
It is a conscious choice from our side to have chosen a handmade production in India. Here it is possible to treasure the craftsmanship, integrity and skillset that our Indian team possess.
By producing our styles in hand and sometimes on non-mechanical machines we leave a smaller imprint on the environment. Although that is reason enough to have chosen this method it was not the sole reason for the decision.
We want to enhance the unique that is created by something being made by hand. By owning something special and one of a kind we believe that people will treasure it more carefully. Hopefully by purchasing items that are are viewed as particular special personal belongings will make people think about reducing their buying habits. In this way if we all purchase items we want to cherish for a long time we won't need to purchase as many unnecessary items that in the end become waste.


We design from women - to women. We create on the notion that women are diverse, but the textile that has travelled across the globe suddenly becomes a common factor for women leading completely different lives. 
We want to enhance the unique features each woman posses. Our styles are therefore made to be worn as an extension of your personality. 
We can truly learn from how Indian women treasure their traditional textiles as an item with value from the day of the purchase to the day they want to let it go. Although the sari has been worn, is of older date and no longer in use, the sari is still considered a valuable good instead of waste. 
The indian women make sure the sari will be given a new life and doesn't become a part of the endless material waste we expose our world to. 
Ellies and Ivy want to contribute to the idea of giving new life to already existing raw materials. For the sake of reducing our waste, but also to start a movement were we begin to look around us and see what has already been made and how can we create something new from that.