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"We are makers of beautiful and colorful
creations from sustainable fabrics" 

Since the beginning we have placed our design focus on the usage of unique and
sustainable materials with longevity in mind. We are true to our design universe
and do not follow the shifting trends, but base our styles on being seasonless.
We want your Ellies and Ivy garments to still be in your closet ten years from now
while still being fashionable. 
Ellies and Ivy styles are far from basic and the complexitivity of colors and one-off
materials has taken us on a journey to source sustainable solutions. Our fabric
direction is based in India where good craftsmanship is still a valued livelihood.


Our styles are made of two core materials; Organic Cotton and
Handwoven Khadi cotton. Each of our materials has the common sustainable aspect of
social responsibility, which is our treasured core value. Read about each of our



Ellies and Ivy want to celebrate the historic use of handmade skills that people around
the world still possess. 
These abilities are often overlooked in a world full of a
fast-moving pace, transitioning and waste. 
The celebration of handmade goods in our modern world
will not only demonstrate a step towards a different global world, but also place
focus on the individual person who with their own two hands made the garments
you choose to own. 

It is a conscious choice from our side to have chosen a handmade production in
Here it is possible to treasure the craftsmanship, integrity and skillset that our
Indian team possess.
By producing our styles in hand and sometimes on non-mechanical machines we
leave a smaller imprint on the environment. Although that is reason enough to
have chosen this method it was not the sole reason for the decision.

We want to enhance the unique that is created by something being made by
hand. By owning something special and one of a kind we believe that people will
treasure it more carefully. 
Hopefully by purchasing items that are viewed as particular special personal
belongings will make people think about reducing their buying habits. In this way
if we all purchase items we want to cherish for a long time we won't need to
purchase as many unnecessary items that in the end become waste.


We strive to create garments and accessories made of fabrics with a long
lifespan. But for your Ellies and Ivy styles to still be in your wardrobe years from
now, it’s important that the products are cared for and washed appropriately. 
Learn how to care for your specific Ellies and Ivy style in our Product Care Guide.