"We are makers of beautiful and colorful
creations from sustainable fabrics" 

We have always been facinated by original craftmanship, in which it shows that someone put their time and love in each product. This is why it is natural for us, and our love to beautiful indian craftmanship, that our production is located in India.

We have a close relationship to our Indian partners, and we always strive to explore the posibilities and materials to be found here. 


We prefer to use natural fibre, and cotton especially, is to be found in all our collections. We only use organic cotton with the GOTS certificate. Several of cotton products are printed with the original Block Print teknique, that has been used through many hundreds of years in India. This printing teknique is all done by hand, which makes each product unique and of a kind.
We often use leftover fabrics in our collections. It is very satisfying to give life to something other has rejected. This allows us to explore different fabrics and designs.

We strive to create garments and accessories made of fabrics with a long
lifespan. But for your Ellies and Ivy styles to still be in your wardrobe years from
now, it’s important that the products are cared for and washed appropriately. 
Learn how to care for your specific Ellies and Ivy style in our Product Care Guide.